About Me

I’m Scott.  I create a lot.  Sometimes only in my mind, but I create regardless.

This blog is a big dumping ground for a lot of projects that I’ve got going on.  You can read more about all the various things I’ve got going on in this post.

I’m passionate about helping people figure out what the intersection of their dreams and making a a living looks like.  I don’t think there is any reason to have a job you don’t like.  I also don’t think there are any excuses for not exploring life in a way that fulfills you beyond your wild dreams.

I’ve started a few companies over time and have had a few interesting roles.  I was a video/film editor for seven years creating everything from short documentaries to national television commercials and feature films.  Following that I worked in the audio visual industry running giant live production shows all across the country.

Moving on from the A/V world I started a Jury Consulting company in 2001 and worked on countless high profile trials throughout the US.  Then, in 2006 I helped found a service to bring American TV to expats living around the world.  We took that company from a garage (literally) to over 2500 sq/ft of data center space and several rounds of angel funding.  a2bTV is still going strong today and I maintain an active role on the Board of Directors.

I now run a Small Business Growth company called The Get Smart Group.  We help individuals and businesses up to around $5MM in annual revenue grow their businesses.

As mentioned earlier, this site is a kind of dumping ground for random ideas and thoughts that I have.  If you really like reading it all, I’d love to meet you.

If you want to get in touch with me, visit my contact page, it’s got all the info you need.